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  • The Mountain Data Bank is a digital archive facility that safeguards and preserves high value data.
  • We function similar to a normal bank using a system of data deposits and data withdrawals.
  • Unlike Cloud based systems which are intended for the mass storage of non-essential data, our systems are intended for data that has been evaluated as worth the level of safeguarding that we offer.
  • Deposited data is not vulnerable to hacking attempts since it is both encrypted and archived offline in the data facility on our mountain.
  • The storage systems are designed to endure hundreds of years and will survive geomagnetic disturbances from solar storms as well as radiation bursts from nuclear disasters.
  • Our focus is the security of your data and the assurance that it is available when you return to withdraw it.

A Simple System

  • Data can be deposited or withdrawn using any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • 01   To Deposit Data
    An easy to use online system will upload and encrypt your files with passwords that you choose. Once received, we transfer your files offline and archive them in our mountain facility for 8 years.
  • 02   To Withdraw Data
    Notify us when you want to retrieve your files and we will make them available for download.

What we store

  • Companies and individuals trust us with many different classes of data.
  • Business Data

    Client data. Financial data. Legal data. Databases. Code archives. Digitized documents and records.
  • Personal Data

    Digitized family records. Photos and images. Crypto-currency. Data to be transfered on specific dates or on the death of an account holder.
  • Historical data

    Digitized historical documents and images. Digitized original art works.

Deposit Services

Beneficiaries can be named for all classes of accounts.

Commercial Deposits from

  • Commercial data stored for 8 years, which exceeds most business data retention requirements.

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Personal Deposits from

  • 8 years of storage for both your sentimental and essential life data.


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Custom Deposits from

  • For large data storage needs, contact us. spacing spacing spacing spacing spacing spacing

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