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I. Scheduled archiving

  • The benefits of scheduled archiving for business data are multi-dimensional and clear to both owners and managers. This is a service that can be customized to the meet needs of your business operations and integrate with existing workflows.

II. Business use cases

  • Scheduled archiving is an internationally recognized best practice in business. The following business use cases illustrate several situations with positive outcomes.
  • Data isolation for business owners
         Case.01 A business owner requests that his personnel or accountant submit duplicates of all reports, raw data and processed data on a weekly basis to his MDB account.

    If the owner should desire to independently review the data, it is already available in his MDB archive and has already been verified as accurate by his personnel.
  • Information sharing between business partners
         Case.02 A business partnership exists in which the operating partner submits a copy of the monthly reports and all supporting data to a joint MDB account to be archived.

    The joint MDB account is shared among the partners. Any partner can unilaterally request a copy of any data from the MDB archives but all partners must request a destruction of any data.

    The data at MDB is be trusted as the valid submission of the operating partner, consolidated in one place and accessible to all partners.
  • Fraud prevention and deterrence
         Case.03 Internal fraud is detected in a business resulting in a forensic audit requested by the owner.

    Intentionally altered data is found in the primary business system and has flowed through to the backup system. However, the raw business data was previously archived with MDB on a weekly schedule.

    Since no company personnel could access or modify the data at MDB, it is subsequently used to compare with the altered on-site data.
  • Sale of a business
         Case.04 During preparation for the sale of a business, the seller builds financial statements and data sheets that prospective buyers will request.

    The raw and processed historical data has been archived with MDB on a scheduled basis, and is already available.

    The seller avoids requesting data from multiple sources, which can be both time consuming and unreliable.

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