Archived On the Mountain

Secure . Offline . Encrypted

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose my password to my files?

The files are cannot be recovered. We never have access to the passwords for your files.

Is every file encrypted individually?

Yes. Every file is encrypted and can be given a unique password. There is also the option to lock many files with the same password.

How long does it take to retrieve my files?

2 Business days. All of your files are stored offline and it is a manual process to retrieve them from the archive and make them available to you.

Do I need to install software?

No. All services can be used from any computer, web-enabled mobile device, including tablets and mobile phones. There is no software to install or required 'apps'.

If needed, can I retrieve the documents in person.

Yes. Please call to schedule two business days in advance.

What types of files can I put in my archive?

All standard file types, including image files and audio files.

Is it possible to verify that data is encrypted?

Yes. Prior to archiving you can easily verify encryption on any of your files.

What knowledge of encryption do I need?

None. Our system manages all the encryption and security related functions automatically.