A facility
for critical data

  • The Mountain Data Bank is a digital archive facility that specializes in safeguarding and preserving high value, low use data for law firms. We also serve businesses and individuals.
  • We function similar to a normal bank using a system of data deposits and data withdrawals. Once deposited, the data is encrypted, transferred offline, and stored at the mountain facility.
  • Clients can make data deposits online or via secure courier in most regions of North America, Europe, or Asia.
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    From a security perspective, the Cloud and inter-office networks are extremely vulnerable to data breaches. Regardless of countermeasures, security will always be an inherent flaw of information sharing on networks.
  • Our clients understand this risk.
  • Database backups and inactive client files are typical examples of vulnerable, low use, critical data that is archived offline with us.
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    Our storage system is designed to protect the integrity of data for up to 100 years and survive extreme disasters such as geomagnetic disturbances from solar storms and radiation bursts from nuclear events.
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    Beyond the technical features that we offer, the personal service of an assigned account representative and knowing exactly where the data resides are key aspects that allow our clients peace of mind.
  • Our team is dedicated to the security of the data that we protect and the assurance that it is available when needed.

Ready to assist

  • We serve most regions of North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • From a one time deposit of several documents to arranging scheduled deposits, we are here to customize a data storage solution that meets the business needs of the client.

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