A Mountain-based
data storage platform

  • The Mountain Data Bank (MDB) is a digital archive facility that specializes in safeguarding and preserving high value, low use data assets for businesses, families and individuals.
  • Designed to the highest standards of traditional mountain-based and mountain-integrated archive systems, MDB is among the safest long term data storage solutions available.    Learn More The facilities are physically integrated into MDB's private mountain, Monte Matteo. The mountain is a highly resistant natural shield against destructive forces and the protective barrier for the archive system.

    The MDB archive system is a last line of defense to protect any data that would be difficult if not impossible to reproduce.


  • MDB offers clients four essential elements that cloud storage and in-office data storage cannot –
  •   1. Zero Data Loss   Learn More The natural limitations of Cloud storage technologies constantly subject data to the risk of corruption and loss. When data corruption happens in the Cloud, the data owner cannot know until they attempt to use the corrupted data.

    The MDB archive system is designed to protect data from corruption or loss for up to 100 years and even in the event of extreme disasters such as geomagnetic disturbances from solar storms and radiation bursts from nuclear events.
  •   2. Permanence   Learn More From a control perspective, the Cloud and inter-office networks cannot guarantee the authenticity of data. The possibility of unauthorized modification of data limits the trust that can be placed in stored data.

    Once data is written to the MDB archive, it cannot be modified. This is a key benefit for any data that must be safe from alterations and may need to be audited in the future. When a file withdrawn, it can be verified as the same unmodified file that was originally deposited.
  •   3. Privacy   Learn More From a security perspective, the Cloud and inter-office networks are extremely vulnerable to both internal and external data breaches. Regardless of countermeasures, security is an inherent flaw of information sharing on networks.

    The MDB archive platform is 100% Offline and is not attached to any networks. We have a small trusted team that manages the archive system through manual processes.
  •   4. Data Location   Learn More Cloud service providers use data storage strategies that span across countries and legal jurisdictions. The location of client data can change as frequently as the provider decides and without any notification to the client.

    With MDB the client has full knowledge of exactly where their data is physically located — on the mountain and nowhere else.

How It Works

  • We function similar to a normal bank using a system of data deposits and data withdrawals.

    Clients can make data deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in the world using international courier services such as DHL or Fedex or via our online system.    Learn More
    Once a data deposit is received, it is duplicated then transferred to an offline archive at the mountain.

    Each deposit is located on its own independent media with a unique ID and specifies the person or persons authorized to withdraw it or destroy it.

    At the end of the deposit term, the data and the media are destroyed automatically.

Service levels

  • We offer four levels of standard data archiving services starting at $10 per gigabyte as well as customized plans.
Archive fees and details


  • Archive up to 20gb of data ($10/gb)
  • Deposit term: 5 years
  • Maximum number of authorized users: 2
  • Withdrawal fee: $60
    * Only applied upon a withdrawal


  • Archive up to 40gb of data ($10/gb)
  • Deposit term: 5 years
  • Maximum number of authorized users: 2
  • Withdrawal fee: $120
    * Only applied upon a withdrawal


  • Archive up to 90gb of data ($8/gb)
  • Deposit term: 5 years
  • Maximum number of authorized users: 4
  • Withdrawal fee: $180
    * Only applied upon a withdrawal


  • Archive up to 140gb of data ($6/gb)
  • Deposit term: 5 years
  • Maximum number of authorized users: 5
  • Withdrawal fee: $210
    * Only applied upon a withdrawal

Start your own archive

  • We have solutions that meet most data archiving goals, from a one time data deposit of several documents to complex scheduled deposits.

    Talk to us about starting an archive.
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